Day 6

Today in class we worked on our paragraphs for paper 1, mainly doing self and peer editing.  Tonight, when you write your final copy remember to use the self and especially the peer editing sheet to improve your paragraphs.  You must turn in everything tomorrow, and I will definitely be checking to see if you actually used the advice your partner gave to you.  

One final comment, as I said in class, focus on the things we covered in chapter 1 (a good topic sentence with a controlling idea, supporting sentences and a good concluding sentence) and don’t worry too much about grammar just yet, we will be working on that a lot more in future chapters.

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Day 4

Ok, so today first we reviewed incomplete sentences and did an activity.  If any of you feel like you need more practice you should go ahead and do the rest of that activity sheet, but remember it’s optional, so if you think you’re all good you don’t need to do it!

We also finally actually wrote some topic sentences, woo hoo!  We really covered the topic sentence pretty deeply, so make sure you think about all of the key points we’ve discussed so far when writing sentences for tonight’s homework in order to help organize and solidify them in your memory.

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Day 3, the end of week 1!

Today we went over the topic sentence, a crucial part of a good paragraph (especially those aimed at an academic audience).  The main take-away from today’s class was that a topic sentence must strike a balance between being not too general and not too specific.  This balance will be hard to determine at first, but hopefully the activity we did in class and the hw for this weekend will begin to hone your intuition.

One thing that a number of students had trouble with was determining when a sentence is complete or incomplete.  Since this is actually quite important we’ll take some time at the beginning of class on Monday to cover this a little bit more deeply.

Regarding Online Journal Assignment 2, like I said in class, I recommend using short and simple sentences, but don’t worry too much about grammar.  The most important thing will be content, make sure you cover those 4 points that are listed on the handout.

Anyways, good luck with the assignments, and if you have any questions please send me an email.  I’ll see some of you tomorrow, but for those I don’t I hope you have a great weekend!

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Day 2

Ok, so day 2 consisted of me talking way too much, but hopefully you all came away with a much better understanding of what exactly this class will consist of and what will be expected of you.  As I said in class, this is a writing class so you will be doing a lot of writing, but I will try to keep it fun and as relevant as possible.  

One thing I forgot to mention is that I really appreciate input and lesson requests.  Requests from you help me help you, so they are important and incredibly useful!

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Day 1

Welcome to the Fall 1 2013 version of 341W with me, Ryan Peters!  Though today was a bit hectic and I didn’t really get a chance to talk with most of you, it seems like we have a good group and I’m excited to get started!

None of you actually are even aware of this website at the moment (since I didn’t have time to talk about the syllabus…), but I’m going to talk about it tomorrow!

This is the place to come for your online journal assignments (which I will explain in class and in a later post), for various useful links (which I have yet to set up…), and also where I will post information about various assignments and what not in the calendar and also in blog posts like this.  In other words, a lot of important stuff for HELP 341 W will be happening right here!

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